Website Design and Development

Brief Description

This website was created for a newly awarded grant to be a collaboration platform for chosen public and tribal child welfare agencies. It also serves as an informational resource to state agencies and the public through blog posts, social media, and eventually a catalog of known-working evidence-based strategies to recruit, hire, and retain a competent workforce.


Michelle Graef


Team lead, Content consultant, Designer, Developer

Technology Used

  • Drupal 7
  • JavaScript
  • SCSS
  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
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Screenshot of simple static website
A screenshot of the new website
Screenshot of drupal website

The Process Taken

There were two phases to the website creation process. The client requested that the information about the newly awarded grant be made public immediately through the website. Hence to accommodate the high priority request, I built a static single page website for the announcement while the full-fledge website is being built and eventually rolled out.

I led team conversations with clients to define the purpose and audience of the website. I created a subtheme based on the Radix starter theme. On the SCSS end, I utilized the BEMIT methodology to create better reusable class names. I also utilized interpolation mixins for variable font sizes depending on a min and max screen widths to improve font readability especially for larger and wider screens. I also wrote custom function mixins for generating dynamic values based on arguments to create different color shades and colors for links, buttons, and box components based off on theme color variable.

I also installed necessary Drupal 7 modules and configured them while setting up various content types and dynamic views to populate the site. I incorporated paragraphs modules to ease content creation and maintenance and for performance purposes.

Key features

  • Created blog
  • Used organic groups module to create private pages that can only be viewed by members of the group (e.g., Nebraska Project Site Page )