Website redesign

Brief Description

The IFSP website provides self-paced tutorial on Individualized Family Service Plan aimed at social professionals and families around Nebraska. This was my first project of completely redesigning a website from ground up. The preexisting site was Flash-based and had to be converted into HTML as major evergreen browsers were dropping their Flash support at the time.


Nebraska Early Development Network


Team lead, Content consultant, Designer, Developer

Technology Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
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A screenshot of the old website
A screenshot of the new website
A screenshot of the new website

The Process Taken

I completely redesigned the front-end using static HTML, CSS and JS while still keeping the PHP backend. I also improved the navigation and flow of the website based on UX best practices such as a clear content focus on each page, an intuitive, task-oriented Information Architecture and navigation bar, and a clear Call To Action on the homepage.

Key features:

  • Wrote custom vanilla JavaScript code for the hamburger and search button toggle buttons that has different behavior on desktop and mobile.