Center for Children, Families, and the Law

Website Design

Brief Description

This is a website I developed for the department I worked in.


Center for Children, Families, and the Law


Team lead, Content consultant, Developer

Technology Used

  • Drupal 7
  • university design framework
  • JavaScript
  • SCSS
  • HTML
  • Twig

The Challenge

The old website design feels dated and navigation wasn’t very user friendly. It was difficult to navigate and locate information. The site was in need of a complete redesign and move to the university’s Drupal system.
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A screenshot of the old website
A screenshot of the new website
A screenshot of the new website

The Process Taken

Since this is a departmental project I worked closely with the department’s director, various project directors, and a graphic designer in the department. I hold frequent meetings with various stakeholders and gathered requirements and feedback about the existing site. Existing content was inventoried and old and unnecessary content was removed. I lead the conversations surrounding the purpose of the site and branding and proposed a new look, content and marketing strategy which was well received. I also created a more intuitive information architecture based off on the content strategy and the team’s discussions.

Working with the university’s custom framework, I designed and developed custom layouts and components inside of Drupal. I also wrote custom JS widgets using vanilla JavaScript. and one such example is an accessible accordion which is implemented using AMD.

I also incorporated inclusive design and principles and UX best practices to elevate the site from good to better.


Developed a site that is mobile responsive, Also adheres to the organization’s branding guidelines and WCAG 2.0 AA web accessibility standards. On the backend, I created many templated custom content types to help ease site maintenance by content editors and allow dynamic content aggregation and display though complex views. The department director was very pleased with the fresh look and the much improved site navigation.