Classic Arcade Game Clone

Arcade game

Brief Description

As part of my Udacity Front-end Nanodegree Program, I was required to clone a classic arcade game, Frogger, with art assets and game engine provided by Udacity. The goal of the game is to move the character to the water using the arrow keys without colliding into any of the enemies. The enemies move in varying speeds on the paved block portion of the scene. If the character collides with an enemy, the game is reset and the character is moved back to the starting square. When the character reached the water, the player won and the character is also moved back to the beginning.

Technology Used

  • Object-oriented Javascript
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Screenshot of game

The Process Taken

The player and enemy objects are painted on the canvas and then their properties are set using Object Oriented Javascript. Enemy class is created with initial properties that are later inherited to new instances through prototypal inheritance. Using the object’s constructor function, I created new enemy objects each with randomized movement speeds and sprite variations. I created a function to handle input from the player through event listeners.